Voice for Life is a non-denominational, non-political party affiliated organisation of people who are concerned about a person’s right to life, especially in relation to abortion, infanticide, embryo experimentation, cloning and euthanasia.

What does Voice for Life do?

We promote respect for human life.

We uphold the intrinsic value and the right to life of each individual human being regardless of circumstances, usefulness and productivity.

We seek protection by law of defenceless human life – born and unborn.

Our longing for justice, equality and respect for all people, born and unborn, calls us to strive for the protection of life at all ages and stages.

We challenge community conscience and educate people on pro-life issues.

We affirm and honour the truth that life begins at conception and ends at natural death.

We give voice to the voiceless and speak for life.

Voice for Life A&P showWe express our commitment to life through love, care and compassion for those unable to speak for themselves and we encourage the community to do the same.

We work to remind legislators that support for life is a real responsibility.

We choose to search out creative, democratic, non-violent solutions and engage in sensitive interaction with others in the pursuit of our goals.

We are respectful and life-giving.

We support each other in our commitment to life and embrace and celebrate life.

We empower women to make informed choices.

We support a woman’s right to full disclosure concerning medical, psychological and emotional complications of abortion.