Voice for Life is a New Zealand organisation, building a culture of life where human life is valued from the moment of conception to natural death.

We’re New Zealand’s largest and oldest voluntary prolife organisation – with branches all over the country.
For more than 40 years, our members have been committed to peaceful advocacy on behalf of the most vulnerable and voiceless members of our communities.
We promote sensible, researched-based solutions to facilitate these goals, knowing that this is a long term effort that can be reached by incremental change with widespread public support.
Support and education are vital parts of our strategy.

Our Approach

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Voice for Life educates about the humanity of the unborn child and the dignity of human life:

  • street stalls and A&P shows;

  • local newspaper advertising;

  • distributing informative material;

  • presenting the pro-life message in the media;

  • lobbying politicians;

  • and much more.

Our Branches

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Voice for Life is a voluntary organisation, pro-active in the education of people about human rights.

With 30 branches and 4,500 members across the country, members work to educate and inform the public about the intrinsic value of human life from conception until natural death.

We also provide guidance and information on issues which relate to the protection of the unborn, women’s health, families, the old or infirm and bio-ethics.

281111 news photo: Supplied/Kapiti Observer: Anti abortion protesters at the Bodhi Vincent statue.
CSA 30th at Parliament

Our History

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Voice for Life was founded in March 1970, when two NZ-based obstetrics and gynaecology specialists became alarmed at abortion developments in Britain.

Providing professional medical assurance about the humanity of the unborn, they inspired thousands of New Zealanders to join the prolife movement.

In 2005, the organisation expanded to recognise the intrinsic connection with respect for women’s health, the old or infirm, and those at the forefront of bioethical decision-making.

Join the 4,500 New Zealanders committed to making a difference.

Baby grabbing mother's fingerYour support enables us to speak out on life issues and win hearts and minds.

It gives us a strong voice against abortion, infanticide, experimentation on embryos, cloning and euthanasia. It also helps us to share information with the community, be proactive in the education about human rights, speak out on women’s health, and build a strong team to lobby our decision-makers.

Become a member of Voice for Life. Help others choose life.