Letter to the Sunday Star Times

Letter to the Sunday Star Times, published in the 28 January 2018 edition.


Dear Editor,

The report on abortion “A Birth Right”, includes a quote from PM Jacinda Ardern in 2017: “Women shouldn’t face being criminals for accessing their own rights.”

Justice Minister Andrew Little wants to see abortion “treated as a health issue – not a criminal one.”

Both statements are misleading because the legal truth is that a post-abortive woman can never be charged, only a doctor or nurse operating outside the law; because of the medical risks involved.

This is a 150-year old tradition in both British and US legal systems.

It is only a criminal offence for a woman to attempt a self-abortion (maximum fine of $200), to deter an extremely dangerous risk to her health.

Andrew Little as Justice Minister should carefully read Section 4 of the Crimes Amendment Act 1977 and advise the PM accordingly, especially Section 2, which reads: “The woman or girl shall not be charged as a party to an offence against this section.”

By removing any criminal sanctions, how does he propose to deter rogue operators who could put women in severe danger for financial gain?


Yours sincerely,

Bernard Moran,

Communications manager,

Voice for Life

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  • Pauline Alexander 21 / 02 / 2018 Reply

    Very good letter, Bernard I read it in the Sunday Star Times.
    Jacinda Ardern and Husband happened to be on the same flight as me before Xmas.
    I said to her “ No more abortions Jacinda”

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