ALRANZ support for proposed Southland Abortion Clinic raises serious doubts about the honesty of their position

Media Release

The National Executive Committee of Voice for Life New Zealand says that the actions of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) over the last couple of weeks cast serious doubt upon their claims that they view the decrease in NZ abortions as a positive development.

Just last week ALRANZ issued a public statement welcoming the latest decline in the New Zealand abortion rate (as shown in the latest official abortion statistics released on June 19), even referring to this drop in abortions as “hopeful”.

However, at the same time ALRANZ has also been actively campaigning in support of a proposed new abortion clinic to be opened at Southland Hospital.

If ALRANZ truly care about a decrease in the number of NZ abortions, and view this as a good thing, then why would they be lobbying so hard for yet another expansion of abortion services in New Zealand?

Rather than simply foisting this new abortion clinic upon the people of Southland, Voice for Life believes that the Southland health authorities have an obligation to put a halt to the current rushed proceedings in order to receive proper official submissions from the people of Southland about whether they even endorse such an ethically controversial development going ahead in their region.

The fact is that the people of Southland will be the ones left to deal with the serious consequences associated with an increase in the number of abortions in their region, including the harms to female mental health, that are associated with abortion.

One also has to question why scarce health sector resources and funding, that could be better used on more pressing primary healthcare needs, are being diverted to instead expand abortion services in Southland.

The recent continued downward trend in the latest New Zealand abortion statistics means that there now more than 2500 LESS abortions happening per year in this country. This massive decline in women seeking out abortions raises serious doubts about the so-called ‘need’ for yet another abortion clinic to opened in New Zealand.


From the National Executive Committee of Voice for Life New Zealand

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