Every abortion is a failure of society to provide the information, support, and services to allow every New Zealander the right to life.

Our vision for New Zealand is a society that values life from conception to natural death.

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  • March for LIfe NZ

    Large & diverse group of Kiwis to participate in today’s pro-life march in Wellington!

    Today in Wellington, a large and diverse group of Kiwis will be marching to parliament in a peaceful show of respect for the value of every human life. Today’s March for Life is about a group of concerned New Zealanders showing solidarity with the unborn members of the community and their mothers. The March for 

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  • PersonhoodSizeB

    Bacon & Abortion

    by J. Hancock. I love bacon. I deeply appreciate that there’s a raft of choices surrounding this charming meat product. I also like that we live in a country where if someone doesn’t want to eat bacon, they don’t have to. More bacon for me. I’m pro-choice the choice to eat, or not eat bacon. 

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  • VFL Logo-1

    Comment from VFL NZ President, Jacqui de Ruiter

    Terry Bellamak of ALRANZ presents six complainants to justify her claims of discrimination to the Human Rights Commission. She is seeking a legal ruling in her strategy to normalise abortion and overlooking why doctors treat it as a serious medical procedure with dire consequences for the patient if things go wrong – as they sometimes 

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  • Booties Project

    Media Release: Booties Project Memorial at Parliament Today

    Remembering the 13,285 babies who lost their lives to abortion in 2017 Today, we display 13,285 pairs of Booties outside Parliament as a public memorial of 13,285 little lives who were lost to abortion last year.   Since abortion was legalised in New Zealand in 1977, over 500,000 pre-born babies have lost their lives to 

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  • VFL Logo-1

    MEDIA RELEASE: 13,285 Induced Abortions in 2017

    ​19 June 2018 Abortion Stats Up for Year Ended December 2017 “Today we mourn the 13,285 unborn lives lost, and the even more thousands of women and men whose lives have been touched by abortion,” says Voice for Life National President Jacqui de Ruiter. “Abortion involves not just the killing of an unborn child, but 

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