Every abortion is a failure of society to provide the information, support, and services to allow every New Zealander the right to life.

Our vision for New Zealand is a society that values life from conception to natural death.

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    Reflections on Post-Abortion Care by Dawn de Witt, a counselling psychologist

    A fascinating and moving insight which appeared in the April issue of the Nathaniel Report and is re-printed here with the permission of The Nathaniel Centre in Wellington. Dawn de Witt Beginnings Around 2000 I joined a small group of women to explore the merits of the Victims of Choice post abortion recovery programme from 

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    Breaking: No Grounds for Complaint Against Voice For Life

    Media Release from Voice for Life 1 st September, 2016 The Advertising Standards Authority Complaints Board has ruled there are no grounds for a complaint against a Voice for Life advert to proceed. Background In mid-May, full-page advertisements showing two sleeping babies with a puppy appeared in the NZ Herald, Dominion Post, NZ Listener, Capital Magazine and various regional 

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    Letter to the Editor: Sunday Star Times

    The below Letter to the Editor from Voice for Life President, Bernard Moran, was printed in the Sunday Star Times in response to an article entitled “The Last Taboo” from 21 August.    Dear Editor, Michelle Duff’s “The Last Taboo” advocates guilt-free, easy access to abortion up to birth and its removal from the Crimes 

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  • Free speech censored

    Campaign to Ban Prolife Presence

    By Bernard Moran There is a campaign underway to have the Government ban anti-abortion protesters from standing across the road from the entrances to clinics and hospitals.   It is being pushed by the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) and certain MPs in the Green Party. They want “bubble zones” created to stop 

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    The original article was written by Julia Prichett and appeared on the Culture Project I remember the day a close friend of mine told me she was pregnant. There I was, excited and nervous as I maneuvered around my college orientation. In just a few short weeks, I would be a freshman and living the 

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