It’s totally normal to feel like you’re in shock, disjointed, or panicked – wondering what to do next.

But the important thing to remember is that there are options available. And you don’t have to go through your pregnancy alone. 

Below are several pregnancy support options available for women in New Zealand. For more information about the organisations which provide these services, please visit our crisis pregnancy support page.

1. Raise your baby, with support 

Around the country, there are families and organisations who can offer their support and guidance in a confidential and friendly environment.

Feeling like you need someone to walk through your pregnancy with you? Not sure you know enough to raise your baby alone? Regardless of your circumstances, these organisations will provide caring and practical support – empowering you to explore ways of overcoming the barriers to continuing your pregnancy.

2. Caregiving support – while you’re pregnant, or after the birth

Informal care involves external support from a host family who can care for you and your baby until your circumstances have changed.

This could involve staying with a host family or in a home for pregnant mums’ throughout your pregnancy or after the birth. Your host family would help with practical and caring pregnancy and post-birth support.

After your baby is born, support and guidance can continue as you deepen your relationship with your baby.

 3. Placement

Worried your circumstances are not appropriate for raising a child? Still want to be directly involved in your child’s life?

You may be able to place your child with a family of your choice, who would take on the responsibility of day-to-day care for your child. Over time, however, you can take your child back once circumstances have changed.

4. Open or Closed Adoption

If it is not possible for you to keep your child, then open or closed adoption may be an option. This involves another family taking the responsibility for decisions in your child’s life, with you having the option as to whether or not you stay involved in your child’s life.

An open adoption means that both you and the adoptive family know the identity of each other, and may have the option of visiting and writing to your child (an arrangement made between you and your child’s adoptive parents), while a closed adoption seals all identification material – so that neither you nor your child’s adoptive parents know the identity of each other.

For more information about adoption in New Zealand, please visit the Adoption Option website

5. Abortion. 

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy – via a surgical or medical procedure. While it may seem like abortion will ‘wipe away’ your pregnancy, so you can just move on, it’s not as simple as it seems. For many women, it is a life changing event with long-term physical, emotional or spiritual consequences.

To find out more about abortion procedures and effects, we recommend visiting the Abortion page on our website.

Want to talk over your options with someone?

Visit our Crisis Pregnancy Support page for more information about organisations throughout New Zealand.