Voice for Life speaks for the right of women to have access to accurate and up-to-date information when making significant life choices – such as ending a pregnancy.
One key issue is informed consent, with many women who go through with an abortion believing it is ‘in their best interests’, without understanding potential risks to their physical and mental health and alternate options available to them.
Unexpected pregnancy - options

Pregnant? Worried?

Your Options

Sometimes it feels like abortion is the only option.

But it’s important to remember is that  you have options available.

You don’t have to go through your pregnancy alone.

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Abortion risks and side effects

Abortion Risks

The reality of Post-Abortion Grief

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Breast Cancer Risks

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Abortion & Mental Health

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Why support is important

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Latest News

  • Agnes

    Read MP Agnes Loheni’s Minority Report on Labour’s Abortion Bill

    ABORTION LEGISLATION BILL Select Committee Report: Minority View INTRODUCTION National member Agnes Loheni opposes the Select Committee recommending passage of the government’s Abortion Legislation Bill. Process Some 25,718 submissions were received by the Abortion Legislation Select Committee. Of these approximately 91.6 percent opposed the Bill. Approximately 2,800 submitters requested to make an oral submission of 

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  • VFL logo large

    VFL’s Written Submission to the Abortion Legislation Committee

    Voice for Life is a national charitable organisation that exists with the purpose of speaking out on issues of bioethics, particularly regarding abortion and providing practical support networks to vulnerable women facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. The National Executive Committee of Voice for Life [for ease of reading, henceforth in this document known as VFL] 

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  • pexels-photo-1251177

    ALRANZ thinks stillbirth law should be changed for abortion

      The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) have just publicised the submission they made on the Abortion Legislation Bill. It makes for some truly frightening reading. They strongly oppose any ban on sex-selective abortion, they want the state to maintain a list of medical professionals who are conscientious objectors, and they are 

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  • Prop

    The absurdly vile hypocrisy of Radio NZ’s pro abortion hit piece

      Earlier today Radio New Zealand published a piece of abortion propaganda by activist Susan Strongman. The reason her name might sound familiar to you is because she is the media staffer we exposed several weeks ago for working hand-in-glove with abortion lobby group ALRANZ to attack local pregnancy care organisations. Well, today that attack 

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  • woman-typing-writing-windows

    How to make your submission on Labour’s abortion Bill

      Making a submission to the select committee on Labour’s abortion Bill is vitally important. Firstly, our unborn sisters and brothers, and their often vulnerable mothers deserve a voice of reason and humanity to speak for them in the political sphere. Secondly, it provides a concrete and lasting testament that good people refused to simply 

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