Voice for Life speaks for the right of women to have access to accurate and up-to-date information when making significant life choices – such as ending a pregnancy.
One key issue is informed consent, with many women who go through with an abortion believing it is ‘in their best interests’, without understanding potential risks to their physical and mental health and alternate options available to them.
Unexpected pregnancy - options

Pregnant? Worried?

Your Options

Sometimes it feels like abortion is the only option.

But it’s important to remember is that  you have options available.

You don’t have to go through your pregnancy alone.

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Abortion risks and side effects

Abortion Risks

The reality of Post-Abortion Grief

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Breast Cancer Risks

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Abortion & Mental Health

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Why support is important

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    “Mum, Dad, I’m pregnant.” Your teenage daughter is pregnant, What next

    by Claire van Ryn. This article appeared originally at Emily’s Voice I’m going out on a limb here and suggesting that the most stomach-churning, horror-inducing words that parents will hear propelled from the mouth of their beloved teenage daughter are, “I’m pregnant!” Internalised reactions will vary from an urge to dissolve into a soul-searching, sobbing 

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    “Robot Babies” Encourage Teenage Pregnancy

    In our culture caring for a baby is often considered to be an unpleasant and unattractive task. Based on this idea a Western Australian program was trialed which was designed to discourage teenage pregnancy. The program involved giving lifelike robot baby dolls to teenage girls. The baby dolls were supposed to replicate all the “negative” 

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    Letter to the Editor: Sunday Star Times

    The below Letter to the Editor from Voice for Life President, Bernard Moran, was printed in the Sunday Star Times in response to an article entitled “The Last Taboo” from 21 August.    Dear Editor, Michelle Duff’s “The Last Taboo” advocates guilt-free, easy access to abortion up to birth and its removal from the Crimes 

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    The original article was written by Julia Prichett and appeared on the Culture Project I remember the day a close friend of mine told me she was pregnant. There I was, excited and nervous as I maneuvered around my college orientation. In just a few short weeks, I would be a freshman and living the 

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    Register now for the Voice for Life Conference 2016!

    You are invited to the 2016 Voice for Life National Conference, to be held in Hamilton on the weekend of 30 September – 2 October, 2016. We have a superb line-up of international and local speakers, covering the spectrum of life issues we’re facing here in New Zealand this year: Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins A member for Western Metropolitan 

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