Facing an abnormality diagnosis or considering testing for your unborn child?

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Parents who receive an unexpected diagnosis can receive support and care throughout their pregnancy and after birth from the following organisations and others:

  • Spina Bifida New Zealand
  • the Therese programme
  • Parent 2 Parent.

Alternatively, we recommend you talk visit our crisis pregnancy page and get in contact with one of the services listed – they will be able to provide you with the support and information you require.

When prenatal diagnosis brings bad news about their child, parents deserve a real choice of paths.

Fortunately, there is a caring option available.

For those wanting to know about options for New Zealanders, there is a perinatal hospice operating in Wanganui that is run by Catherine Bronnimann and group of experienced volunteers. If you are interested in finding out more about the hospice, would like to refer a friend to them or offer your support, please get in contact with Catherine at Sands Wanganui.

Sands Wanganui – Antenatal care and perinatal hospice

If your baby has had a poor diagnosis before birth and is not expected to survive, support and information is available for your decision making.

Sands Wanganui will fully support you in your decision and help you as best as we can to help make it a more gentle process.  We can help you with your birth and care plans, birth coaching, funeral arrangements, photography and memory collecting.

Catherine Brönnimann
Phone 06 343 3648