The Milestone of 500,000 abortions is being marked by a nationwide advertising campaign.

It is a sad fact of our times that the only people who currently care about such a milestone are ourselves in Voice for Life and our allies in the pro-life movement. But there are other Kiwis in unknown numbers who would care, if they were told.

Our branches nationwide have been sent these advertisements to place in their local community papers and regional papers. Depending on their finances, they can choose to fund the full-page (left) or half-page (below) adverts.

It is in a profound way, our epitaph for the 500,000 unknown and unvalued little human persons who were denied their right to a future.

We need your help to spread the word!

Spread the message with your friends and in your community!

Print off our half page and full page adverts, and put them up in your local community (with permission) – schools, church, public notice boards, universities, libraries and more.


Or, support the campaign financially.

We are dependent on donations for all newspaper advertising. If you would like to see our 500,000 babies adverts in local newspapers throughout the country, please make a donation today.

You can donate to this campaign via Internet Banking, Cheque, or Credit Card. Simply include both your name and “500,000” in the reference fields. Or, email to let us know that your donation is for this campaign.

Questions? Get in touch!

If you have any questions about this campaign, or would like to help out in other ways, get in touch with us through out contact form today.