Voice for Life recently aired stories from real Kiwi women talking about their personal experience about abortion.

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Karas-Story copy

Kara’s Story

In the below adverts, Kara talks about how her baby changed her outlook in life:

“…she’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Kara’s story

Kara shares her story about considering an abortion. “…she’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Kara’s Scars

Kara shares about her journey from self-harm – and her new purpose in life.

The full interview

“Give your baby a future” – watch the full interview with Kara sharing her story below.

Ariana’s Story

A kiwi mum and daughter share their story below about how a secret underage abortion caused great harm to their family.

“our daughter had been taken away from us…and we can’t get that back”

Arianas-story copy

Ariana’s story

Kiwi mum Hillary and her daughter share their story about Ariana’s teenage abortion.

Ariana’s Scars (p.1)

Ariana shares her story about the effects of her teenage abortion and subsequent battles.

Ariana’s Scars (p.2)

Ariana shares her story about her secret teenage abortion – and the long-term effects of the medical procedure.

Watch the full interview with Ariana and her mother, to the right.

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