What role does abortion play in the NZ baby blip?

Government stats out today reveal that the “baby blip” is over for the first time in a decade, with under two births per mother.

It’s called demographic decline and is a real problem confronting governments in Asia, Russia and Europe.

An aging population and too few babies born to support them in the future.

What is never mentioned is the role abortion plays in the imbalance.

Take New Zealand for example. We have an aging population and the economic pundits including the Labour Party, argue that the age of the pension has to be raised from 65 to 67, to make it sustainable.

Let’s factor in the number of abortions since the first clinic opened in April 1974 and records were kept.

The latest government statistics reveal that to the end of December 2013, there have been 489,793 recorded abortions.

If we take the 14,073 abortions performed in 2013 and use a minimum of 14,000 abortions for 2014 – we have a total of 489,793 abortions since 1974.

Those babies aborted in 1974 would now be aged 41.

Go figure, kill 489,793 NZ babies through legal abortion and you end up with an aging population.

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