We will be the loud voice for the voiceless vulnerable in the face of Jacinda Ardern’s extreme abortion Bill



Today’s announcement from Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government that they will be pursuing the introduction of an extreme abortion law in New Zealand is truly shocking says Voice for Life.

At the last election 51.6% of voters supported the two parties that were publicly opposed to changing our abortion laws (National and NZ First.) Only 43.2% of voters supported the two parties actively promoting this extreme change (Labour and the Greens.)

56% of Kiwi women who responded to a Curia Market Research poll in 2016 stated that they wanted time limits for abortion to be shorter than the current 20 weeks.

“Despite this, Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government has announced that it will introduce an extreme abortion Bill that would make it legal to abort a child up to 20 weeks for any reason, and legalise abortion-up-to-birth under the grounds of ‘well-being’” says Voice for Life Media Spokesperson Kate Cormack.

“What Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government is attempting to do here is truly astounding when you consider they have no public mandate. This is simply wish fulfilment for a tiny minority of very vocal abortion ideologues, and it will waste valuable Parliamentary time and resources that should be spent on more pressing issues.”

“If the media provide accurate and balanced coverage of what Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government is attempting to do here then it’s hard to see how this won’t seriously harm them come election time. This will be especially true if the Prime Minister attempts to unjustly silence the strong opposition to this extreme Bill by cheating proper democratic processes and ramming it through under urgency.”

“Whether or not we will get balanced and fair coverage from the media is another question altogether, as this is something that has been sorely lacking from them in recent months when it comes to abortion.”

“More often than not they have played the part of cheerleaders and gatekeepers rather than objective reporters who present all of the facts from all the voices involved in this debate.”

“New Zealand women and unborn children deserve better than an extreme abortion law, and we will be making it our mission to ensure that the voices of the voiceless vulnerable in our society will be loudly heard by Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government” says Kate Cormack.



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