We are a someone from conception

The below Letter to the Editor from Voice for Life was published in yesterday’s Herald on Sunday.

Dear Editor,

Marama Davidson (Out of Left Field) wants abortion to be decriminalised and treated as a healthcare matter.

She is part of the campaign to have the Abortion Law Reform Act (2008) of Victoria in Australia, enacted here.

There has been considerable networking between campaigners in Victoria and New Zealand and Marama Davidson’s advocacy is about preparing public opinion.

The Victorians kept the general public in the dark about how radical their aims were – abortion freely available up to birth.

98% of abortions are approved here on mental health grounds because Parliament recognised however dimly, that abortion is about taking an innocent human life.

It is a grave matter as the science of human embryology confirms that we are individual human persons – a someone from conception.

This seems to cut no ice with abortion rights campaigners, they want access to abortion without any limits.

And yet the very abundance of ultrasound pictures that delight pregnant women and their families, reveal the actual truth about human development.

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Moran

National President of Voice for Life Inc


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