Voice for Life welcomes today’s news of further abortion decline in New Zealand

Voice for Life welcomes today’s news of yet another drop in the New Zealand abortion rate – a trend that began back in 2007.

The news that last year the total number of abortions carried out in this country decreased by approximately 700 should be welcome news for all people of goodwill.

It is hard to see how Green Party claims that there is a pressing need to introduce abortion on demand in this country even stack up with this ever decreasing abortion rate in New Zealand.

While Voice for Life is pleased at today’s news of yet another decline in the abortion rate, we also feel a sense of great sadness and loss for the more than 14,000 human beings who were denied social justice and their fundamental human right to life last year in NZ.

These dead unborn human beings also mark a failure in our care for pregnant women in unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

Women deserve better than abortion, and the abortion rate will decline even more markedly when we provide them with true support and care at all levels of New Zealand society.

It is our belief that these statistics represent a continuation of the global trend away from abortion, and our hope is that we will see yet another decline in the 2014 abortion figures.

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