The very real violence and intimidation of the pro-CHOICE movement in NZ

An interesting read From Prolife NZ’s blog:

Earlier this week the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) ignited a firestorm of controversy against a group of Southland pro-lifers when they suggested that they were planning to intimidate and do violence to abortion clinic workers down in Southland.

And today ALRANZ have tried to reignite their spurious dirty tactics campaign (which, ironically, is actually starting to look a lot like intimidation intended to silence the pro-life people in Southland) by making a MASSIVE deal out of a SOLITARY and anonymous email which they claim is threatening violence against them, even convincing a couple of their political allies to get involved.

(Interestingly they haven’t actually made the alleged email publicly available – not even on their blog post about this matter. Is this because the email, when seen in context, isn’t actually that threatening? Or is it because the anonymous email could well have come from an ALRANZ supporter in a misguided attempt to generate more publicity for their attack on the Southland pro-lifers? These questions will remain unanswered until ALRANZ actually publishes, in full, a scanned copy of the email they claim to have been sent.)

ALRANZ and the pro-choice movement have absolutely ZERO credibility regarding this issue.


Because of the video below.

It was made and posted on YouTube only 4 years ago by a member of the New Zealand pro-choice movement (i.e. someone who almost certainly supports ALRANZ and who probably moves in their circles) named ‘prochoicenz’.

It contains NOTHING BUT intimidation and threats of violence against a prominent New Zealand pro-lifer.

These threats of violence include a photograph of this New Zealand pro-lifer (Mr. Ken Orr, from Right To Life NZ) with a gun pointed at his head, while the Twisted Sister song ‘We’re not gonna take it‘ plays in the background.

The video is basically one long series of images of people giving the finger – all directed at Orr – set to the aforementioned Twisted Sister song.

The video also includes written statements such as:

“F**k off”

“You stupid c*nt”

“Kiss my ar*e”

“We’ll fight, you’ll see”

“We’re not gonna take it anymore”

“Mind your own f**ken business”

“Just you try and make us”

“You’re all worthless and weak”

As far as I can remember, there was very little, if any, public outcry from ALRANZ at the time this video was released, and yet is contains very clear, very serious and very real threats of violence and intimidation against a NZ pro-lifer.

In fact, this video (as you can clearly see) is still available on YouTube today, and ALRANZ don’t seem to have any problem at all with it being on YouTube – how else can we explain their silence regarding this threatening video, made by a member of the NZ pro-choice movement, remaining online?

As far as I am concerned, ALRANZ simply can’t be taken seriously over anything going on in Southland until they actually speak out just as vocally and strongly against this video – which, unlike what is happening in Southland, is a VERY serious death threat.

But of course they won’t, because this video comes from the PRO-CHOICE movement, and ALRANZ would never want to admit that their very own movement has a long history of irrational and intimidatory threats and behavior (in fact, I seem to also remember something about a pro-life placard holder who had petrol thrown over them, outside the Epsom abortion clinic some years ago, by a PRO-CHOICER who then tried to set that pro-life placard holder on fire – if anyone could shed some light on that incident I think it would be most timely).

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