Testimony of a victim of pro-choice violence

“She was standing outside the Epsom Day clinic in Greenlane, by herself, holding a sign that said “Jesus loves you and your baby” or something like that. A car drives into the car park; a mother and her daughter get out. The mother is about 6 or 7 months pregnant. She is taking her daughter in for an abortion.
About 10 minutes later the mother comes out with a can of oil (not petrol), goes up to Joanne and pours it over her head. Joanne got it in her eyes, so couldn’t see a thing. While the “woman” is swearing her head off, she gets her lighter and tries to ignite the oil.
Lighter did not work. She gets furious, throws a few punches and walks away. Joanne, totally blinded, does not know what to do. The woman gets into her car, drives up on the footpath and is intending on pinning Joanne between the wall and the car. God must have had enough of it by now, causing the car to stall about 10 cm from Joanne.
Woman gets out, starts really punching and hitting Joanne. The security guard of the abortion clinic, who has been watching it all, finally has had enough and intervenes. Joanne gets taken to an optometrist and the woman gets arrested. In court the judge just tells the woman to pay for the optometrist and the dry cleaner’s bill. No assault charge, nothing. Some much for justice!
By the way, the oil was given to her by the abortion clinic staff.
Joanne is now living in the states with her husband and children and is still very actively pro-life.”

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