Saving the endangered Kiwi in Southland

Saving the endangered Kiwi

We have sadly heard the news that the Southern District Health Board, after the Southlanders for Life presentation at their Board Meeting, have approved abortions in our hospital. Their decision is immensely serious for all Southlanders.

There is evidence to suggest that unborn children with Down syndrome (and other conditions such as Spina Bifida) are being systematically identifed and targeted for elimination via the Ministry of Health’s antenatal screening programme. The Ministry may claim otherwise, but documents have been obtained through the Offi cial Information Act that show that this is certainly a purpose of the screening programme.

Mothers who have undergone routine antenatal testing have come under pressure to abort their wanted babies when test results identify the baby as having Down syndrome or another condition such as Spina Bifi da.

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has decided to initiate a formal preliminary examination into the Government’s screening programme.

New Zealand is signatory to the Rome Statute, under which the ICC operates. The persecution of an identifiable group of the civilian population through birth prevention is prohibited under the Statute.

Mr Sullivan, the spokesperson for Saving Downs, welcomes the Prosecutor’s decision as an unprecedented step towards according the proper respect towards the lives of people with Down syndrome, Spina Bifida and other conditions.

“Such people live awesome lives, are loved members of their families and communities and should be afforded the full protection of International Law on an equal basis with all.”

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