Pro-life Auckland overwhelmingly win student vote

A packed Quad at Auckland University yesterday saw a student vote on a motion to ban the Prolife club.

This motion was soundly defeated  227 – 125 – a 65% majority of the students in attendance.

The abortion advocates on campus have tried and failed before to block a pro-life voice on campus; in 2001 a constitutional ban was instituted specifically preventing  pro-life clubs from operating on campus.

However, as a sign that the tide is turning this ban was overturned in 2010 and every attempt since by the ‘prochoice’ club to stifle the pro-life message since has failed with clear majorities of students supporting the right to freedom of speech.

Ironically, in recent votes many of those who spoke in support of the prolife club declared they were in fact supportive of abortion, yet respected the clubs right to disagree.

This is big a triumph for freedom of speech.

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