NZ’s new Miscarriage Bill Exposes the absurd contradictions of the Pro-Choice Ideology


The pro-life movement has long pointed out that a significant amount of mental gymnastics are required to maintain the various logical inconsistencies of the pro-choice ideology.

Labour MP Ginny Andersen’s new Bill to give paid bereavement leave to parents who lose children to miscarriage or stillbirth is yet another example of those bizarre inconsistencies.

This Bill will recognise in law that miscarriage and stillbirth are such serious forms of grief (which they absolutely are) that paid bereavement leave must be offered to employees should they ever experience such a loss.

This Bill only makes sense if you first accept the truth that what is lost in a miscarriage or a stillbirth is not simply the subjective hopes and dreams of parenthood, but a real flesh and blood child – an actual living human being.

Yet the same MP who is sponsoring this Bill also voted for Labour’s extreme abortion Bill which will remove exisiting legal protections for those same unborn children and legalise their abortion-up-to-birth in New Zealand.

She is not alone in this, many of the same MP’s who voted for Jacinda Ardern’s late term abortion Bill will almost certainly vote for this bereavement leave Bill too.

In doing so they will prove just how inconsistent and ethically bankrupt the pro-choice ideology truly is.

This is what governance has come to in New Zealand in 2019.

If you are a wanted child, MPs will fight for your parents to access several days of paid bereavement leave so that if the unthinkable happens and you die prematurely before your birth your loss can be properly mourned.

If you are an unwanted child however, MPs will fight just as hard to remove any of the existing minimal legal protections you currently have, legalise your deliberate killing right up to birth, and your death will be funded with taxpayer money.

How does this make any logical, ethical or humanitarian sense?

It doesn’t.

That’s because there is nothing humanitarian or principled about the pro-choice ideology. It is an ideology of power, privilege and protecting abortion at any cost.

So, when it suits them, our MP’s will recognise the humanity of the unborn child, but when the humanity of the unborn child becomes an inconvenient truth they will turn a blind eye and vote for inhumane legislation like Labour’s extreme abortion Bill.

The awful truth is that, in an age of self-gratification and extreme individualism abortion has become a barbaric tool of convenience that must be protected at all costs.

For those of us Kiwis who are pro-life, Ginny Andersen’s bereavement Bill makes perfect sense.

When a human being dies before they are born their loss is just as real and no less meaningful or important than the death of someone who has already passed through the birth canal.

A pro-choice MP supporting this Bill however, and only weeks after they have voted for Labour’s extreme abortion Bill, makes no sense at all.

Then again, nothing much makes sense when, in the words of MP Simon O’Connor at last weekend’s NZ March for Life, your Parliament has become a “House of death”.



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