Mixed result from Supreme Court for Right to Life NZ

An anti-abortion group’s battle for a review of abortions has been dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Right to Life had argued many abortions were wrongly approved on mental health grounds and called for the Abortion Supervisory Committee to investigate.

The group had sought a judicial review of the committee’s assertion that it has no oversight of the individual decisions made by certifying consultants who approve abortions.

High Court judge Justice Forrest Miller ruled in the group’s favour in 2008, noting there was “reason to doubt the lawfulness of many abortions”.

The Court of Appeal overturned that decision last year , and Right to Life appealed.

In a split decision yesterday, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal by a majority of three to two.

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However, in a press release Right to Life notes that two positive judgments were made:

It now places certifying consultants on notice that the Committee has power to make generalized inquiries into the way they are carrying out their functions. The judgment also informs the Committee that they were mistaken in believing that they had no statutory duty or power to make these enquires.

For Right to Life NZ’s press release.

Click here for the court press release.

For the court’s judgement.


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