Media Release: Booties Project Memorial at Parliament Today

Remembering the 13,285 babies who lost their lives to abortion in 2017

Today, we display 13,285 pairs of Booties outside Parliament as a public memorial of 13,285 little lives who were lost to abortion last year.
Since abortion was legalised in New Zealand in 1977, over 500,000 pre-born babies have lost their lives to abortion. Given recent trends, it is likely that an additional roughly 6,000 babies have been aborted already this year.

These booties are a project of love

Thousands of people, all over New Zealand, have knitted these booties in remembrance of the lives lost to abortion. Each knitted pair of baby booties symbolises little human boys and girls who are vulnerable and need love and protection.

18% of confirmed pregnancies in 2017 were ended by abortion. For every day last year, 36 pregnant women felt that they were not in the position to continue their pregnancy.

There must be a better way forward for both mothers and babies, and we want to be part of finding that better way.

The display will be on Parliament Grounds between 11.30am – 2.30pm today. Speeches will commence at 1pm.
Following the display, the booties will be gifted to mothers and newborn babies around New Zealand.
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