Letter to the Editor: The Listener

Below is a letter to the The Listener, from Voice for Life Inc. It is in response to Redmer Yska’s article on abortionist Florence Radcliffe.

Dear Editor,

I suspect that Redmer Yska’s article on the “brave pioneer” abortionist Florence Radcliffe is part of the campaign to allow freely available abortion up to birth.

Three groups: Family Planning, Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) and the Women’s Health Action Group have combined to campaign for the 2008 Abortion Law Reform Act of Victoria in Australia to be introduced here.

In 2010, they produced a strategy document which revealed extensive networking with their Victorian counterparts.

Advocacy journalism like Redmer Yska’s “Flo never said no” would be published to influence public opinion.

It reminded me how fortunate I was to evade Florence Radcliffe’s lethal ministrations.

In Wellington in 1944, my 39-year old mother became pregnant. She was a very frightened and distressed spinster, living near Florence Radcliffe.

I imagine she would have known about the services Florence provided, but fortunately she chose life for me and gave me a future.

I was raised by my single mother and her older spinster sister. They loved their little ray of sunshine.

Redmer Yska describes Florence Radcliffe as a “brave pioneer”. If her little victims could speak, they would describe her differently.

Yours sincerely,

Bernard Moran,

National President of Voice for Life Inc

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