Letter to the Editor: Sunday Star Times

The below Letter to the Editor from Voice for Life President, Bernard Moran, was printed in the Sunday Star Times in response to an article entitled “The Last Taboo” from 21 August. 


Dear Editor,

Michelle Duff’s “The Last Taboo” advocates guilt-free, easy access to abortion up to birth and its removal from the Crimes Act.

“Decriminalisation” of abortion is wilfully misleading. The truth is that a post-abortive woman can never be charged, only a doctor or nurse operating outside the law, because of the medical risks involved.

This is a 150-year old tradition in both British and American legal systems.

It is a criminal offence for a woman to attempt a self-abortion. The fine is small (maximum $200) but the law exists to deter extremely dangerous behaviour.

The 2006 and 2008 Otago University longitudinal study into abortion and mental health “indicated” examples of severe depression, anxiety, suicide, alcohol and drug dependence.

The researchers (all pro-abortion) wanted to carry out further research.

The Ministry of Health declined to analyse the research, and to commission further studies. The NZ Medical Council showed no interest.

Thus we are all genuinely in the dark as to the true extent of mental health problems from abortion in NZ.

Yours sincerely,


Bernard Moran,

National President of Voice for Life

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