Latest abortion statistics show that the government needs to drop extreme abortion agenda

Tuesday 18 June 2019
Latest abortion statistics show that the government needs to drop extreme abortion agenda and do more to support caring alternatives
Voice for Life (VFL) says that today’s news from Statistics NZ that the total number of abortions in New Zealand last year (13,282) has remained similar to the 2017 figure (13,285) is no cause for celebration.
“The fact that 13,282 unborn children were lost to abortion last year in our country is a major tragedy. While the total number of abortions has experienced a tiny decrease, the proportion of pregnancies now ending in abortion actually increased from 181 abortions per 1000 pregnancies, to 185 abortions per 1000 pregnancies last year” says VFL media spokesperson Kate Cormack.
“Not only does this represent a serious failure to respect the human rights of some of the most vulnerable members of our society, but it also points to a lack of vision for genuine care for women who are facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies.”
“Perhaps if the current Labour government wasn’t so obsessed with trying to push through an extreme abortion law they could devote more effort to finding better alternatives to abortion, including properly funded care services for women facing unplanned pregnancies” says Kate Cormack.
VFL believes that today’s news also poses a serious challenge to the abortion activists who are pressuring Jacinda Ardern to rush her abortion plans into Parliament.
“It’s hard to see how such extreme changes are even necessary when less New Zealand women are actually choosing to have abortions compared with over a decade ago. Today’s total of 13,282 marks a huge decrease since 2003, when 18,511 abortions took place in New Zealand.”
VFL is calling on the New Zealand government to refocus its efforts to help reduce the number of abortions in New Zealand by offering better and more caring alternatives to abortion, instead of fixating on the introduction of extreme abortions laws.

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