Large & diverse group of Kiwis to participate in today’s pro-life march in Wellington!

Today in Wellington, a large and diverse group of Kiwis will be marching to parliament in a peaceful show of respect for the value of every human life.

Today’s March for Life is about a group of concerned New Zealanders showing solidarity with the unborn members of the community and their mothers.

The March for Life is guided by an authentic humanism which is built on respecting the dignity of every human being, no matter how young, and offering mothers in need a more compassionate and caring alternative to abortion.

It is especially poignant that today’s March for Life is happening just 2 weeks before Christmas, the season that is often said to be for children.

Voice for Life and all those involved with the March for Life call on all Kiwis of good will to extend this same spirit of generosity all year round, so that New Zealand would become a country that fosters a culture of life and extends caring hospitality to all women facing unplanned or crisis pregnancies.

For many women, rather than being an empowering choice freely made, abortion is a desperate act driven by a lack of support and hope in the future.

The March for Life is our way of showing solidarity with Kiwi women, and reminding them that there are people who care enough about them and their unborn children to want to offer them better alternatives than abortion.

It is also our hope that todays March for Life will spark conversations about the issue of abortion and human rights.

The importance of the conversation about the impact of abortion on women and unborn human beings is why Voice for Life recently launched the We Deserve Better campaign at

This campaign seeks to foster a caring, open and honest discussion about this important topic, especially in light of the current political push to introduce a more extreme abortion law in New Zealand.

Today Voice for Life is proud to be joining the diverse group of New Zealanders who will be gathering in Wellington to participate in the time honoured Kiwi tradition of speaking up for the marginalised and vulnerable.

We believe that New Zealanders are fair minded and that ultimately we want to see every human being treated with the same fairness and respect in our society, especially when it comes to the most important human right of all, the right to life.

Voice for Life invites all caring Kiwis to join us at today’s March for Life, and those who cannot attend, to live out it’s spirit of welcome and generosity within their own families and communities.

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