Kapiti Sculture a Prolife Symbol

Kapiti Voice for Life adopted the Bodhi Vincent sculpture, the centrepiece on an installation that includes artwork by dozens of school children, as a symbol for its campaign against abortion.

President Brian Whitaker said the group plans to gather annually at Kapiti Police Station after staging a publicity event coinciding with White Ribbon week.

Mr Whitaker said the event, which included a balloon launch and hand-held model foetuses, aimed to challenge society on its selective concern about violence.

“It seems to focus on the newborn and up. We would suggest the unborn need to be included in the event.”

The imagery of the baby in a hand was commonly used by anti-abortion groups, he said.

Read more at: http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/local-papers/kapiti-observer/6050269/Anti-abortion-stunt-not-OK

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