International Criminal Court Complaint – 23 June 2011

International Criminal Court Complaint
released on 23rd June, 2011

NZ’s largest anti-abortion group claims that the antenatal screening programme targets babies with Down syndrome, so that once they are identified, parents can be pressured to abort them.
The Ministry of Health acknowledged that 90% of Down syndrome babies are aborted.
Voice for Life national president, Bernard Moran, says that the true purpose of genetic screening is eugenics, the science of racial improvement.

“The Ministry of Health may use weasel words and claim that the tests are about “quality improvement”, but the pressure to abort these babies is because they are deemed to be not quite human.”

“There is a historical connection with how eugenics corrupted the German medical profession in the 1920s and then led to the Nazi’s T4 programme once Hitler had the state power.”

“The Ministry of Health and the Government appears to forgotten the lessons of recent history and the malign effect of the book “The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life”, published in 1920 by Prof Karl Binding and Prof Alfred Hoche.”

“Their case for killing was put in such reasonable terms that it was largely accepted by the German medical establishment. Thus the stage was set for Hitler to launch the T4 programme to eliminate all those classified as unworthy of life.”

“The historical precedent compels Voice for Life to support these parents in their quest for the protection of the International Criminal Court. The Government and the Ministry of Health are clearly discriminating against Down syndrome children as less than human.”

Bernard Moran,
National President

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