How can I be for life?

We’ve all had that moment – realising that we’re for life, but that we’re not *being* for life.

Instead, we’re busy living our normal lives, checking facebook and catching up with friends, without too much thought about our ‘prolife-ness’.

But that’s all about to change.

If you’re visiting this page, then you’re probably looking for ways to be for life.

Are you a social media junkie (or want to be!), love helping with educational activities, or maybe a budding designer who could create an advert for your local paper? Think about how you can best apply your strengths to become part of the prolife movement in New Zealand.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a message. We’d love to help!


Easy ways to get started

  • Visit your grandparents

Did you ever realise that visiting your grandparents, or any elderly people for that matter, is being prolife? They won’t be around forever, they’re pretty special, and they’ve got a massive amount of insight they can share as well. Give them a call and let them know you want to a few hours visiting with them – maybe next weekend.

  • Start following prolife Facebook pages

Regardless of your technical abilities, anyone on Facebook can follow a prolife page. Why not check out the Voice for Life, or maybe Prolife NZ. Just type ‘prolife’ into the search bar and see what you find!

  • Buy your mum flowers on your birthday – say thanks for giving you life

Mums’ do a lot for us – staying up half the night when we were little, cooking dinner, washing out clothes, and giving us life! But how often do we say thanks? Not enough. Why not buy your mum a nice bunch of flowers on your next birthday? and say “Mum, thanks for giving me life.”

  • Wear a Voice for Life “Choose Life” wristband or necklace

Wearing a wristband or necklace is simple, right? Especially if the wristband glows in the dark! Click here to check them out in the Voice for Life Store.

  • Start following prolife blogs

There are a range of prolife blogs and news websites around the world – NZ has the Voice for Life blog, Right to Life, Prolife NZ & The Leading Edge, just to name a few. 

Overseas, there’s Life Site News, Students for Life and more!

P.S. You can sign up for the Voice for Life email newsletter here.

  • Have prolife wallpaper on your computer

PersonhoodSizeBThinking it’s time to get some prolife wallpaper on your computer? – perhaps a poster, baby pictures, quotes, or even a screen grab from a prolife movie?

Check out the Prolife NZ, Abort or ALL (see image on right) websites, or alternatively, search for  “prolife wallpaper” in Google. (disclaimer: be aware that search engines may also produce pro-choice or otherwise inappropriate images as well).

  • Invite Warwick Pascoe to make his “The Making of a Masterpiece” presentation at your local school or youth group

baby-smiling1The Making of a Masterpiece” is an acclaimed presentation available to schools, kindergartens, community groups, service clubs, churches, tertiary instutions, elderly care homes, etc, – anywhere where people want to learn about the wonder of human development during the first nine months in the womb.

Warrick Pascoe of DC Communications has been fronting these presentations for more than 10 years – and will ensure every presentation benefits from his experience, enthusiasm, professionalism and love of the topic.

For more information, visit

  • Join Voice for Life, or another local prolife group

Are you a member of your local branch of Voice for Life? Joining a prolife group is a good way of meeting other prolifers and finding out about local events you can help with.

To sign up as a member of Voice for Life, click here. (view a list of all the branches here). Alternatively, do a quick google search for other prolife groups in your community – or even on your university campus!

  • Buy and wear a prolife tshirt

One way to really make your commitment to being prolife known is to wear a prolife t-shirt. While there aren’t any specifically prolife t-shirt stores in New Zealand, check out apparel (sample pictured), which has usually affordable overseas postage rates (especially if you do a bulk order!).

  • Add a prolife banner or abortion counter to your blog or website

Do you have a blog or website? How about you include a prolife banner or even an abortion counter in the side bar.

  • Write a song to pitch to a mainstream artist or recording studio

Already entered the Voice for Life Song-writing Challenge? Then maybe the next step is to send either your lyrics or voice to mainstream radio.

  • Lead a peaceful vigil
  • Organise a conference or prolife event in your local area
Thinking it’s time to organise a prolife speaker for your school or university? Have a church group or social club who could benefit from a discussion on prolife apologetics or a talk on the current environment in New Zealand?
Get in touch with your local Voice for Life branch to find out what resources they have available. They’ll also be able to recommend some great speakers!
  • Start up a student prolife club (resources available at

312124_247063731995876_247022412000008_614024_582976492_nDepending on the university or polytechnic you attend, there may already be a prolife student group on campus – running seminars, debates, pizza meetings and more.

If not, it’s not the end of the world. Why not set up a club of your own? Get in touch with the student association to find out the requirements for a campus club, and start building a friends list to join the club.

Have any issues? Get in touch with campus-based org Prolife NZ – they should be able to help.

  • Take part in the Prolife Day of Silent Solidarity

Have you ever tried staying silent for a day? On October 16, 2012, people from all over the world will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for children lost through abortion.

They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.

For more information, visit

  • Start a prolife blog

Think you’re a good writer? Have something to say on prolife issues? Why not set up your own prolife blog.

We recommend using Blogger or WordPress – both free web based platforms.

  • Prolife bumper sticker

For most of us, our cars are our most prized (and expensive!) possession, right? So why not use our cars to convey a short prolife message to those we drive past.

  • Talk to at least one person every day about prolife issues

The hardest people to talk to about prolife issues are your friends, wouldn’t you agree? But they’re often the people you most want as your allies.

Post a prolife Facebook update, maybe ask a few leading questions, discuss new prolife updates, and more!

  • Ask your church to take part in Prolife Action – and publish a prolife update in every church bulletin.

Would your church call themselves prolife? How often do they talk about or promote prolife issues?

How about getting in touch with your church secretary to see if they can arrange to have a small prolife news update added to the weekly church bulletin.

Prolife Action will email them the already formatted update each week (set size), and they simply need to insert it each week. Easy, right?

Find out more here. 

  • Write a letter to your local MP asking how whether they support the current abortion laws

Our government holds the power to choose what happens to abortion law in New Zealand. So why not get in touch with your local MP.

If they support a prolife law change, congratulate them; but if they don’t, this could be your opportunity to provide resources, reliable information and a new perspective on a law change,.

Remember, “People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument,” Will Rogers

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