How to make your submission on Labour’s abortion Bill


Making a submission to the select committee on Labour’s abortion Bill is vitally important.

Firstly, our unborn sisters and brothers, and their often vulnerable mothers deserve a voice of reason and humanity to speak for them in the political sphere.

Secondly, it provides a concrete and lasting testament that good people refused to simply stand by and say nothing while inhumane legislation was being foisted upon the country by a tiny number of citizens who had the privilege of being MP’s.

Making a submission is one way of ensuring that your name will be enshrined on our public record as someone who spoke out for the vulnerable and voiceless by opposing this gravely unjust Bill.


A step-by-step guide to making a submission:


Step 1: Write your submission

It can be as short or as long as you want it to be. You should focus on addressing specific flaws in the Bill even if you also want to discuss the broader violations of ethics and natural justice that concern you about this Bill.

If you have a personal story that is relevant to the Bill don’t forget to include that in your submission as well if you feel comfortable doing so.

Please be rational and charitable in your submission.

It is important that your submission be your own words and not a copy and paste of other material. At the bottom of this document you will find a link to a summary of 9 major flaws in the Bill, along with a link to a copy of the Bill itself.

You must include your name (but no address or contact details) somewhere in the body of your submission.


Step 2: How to send your submission to the select committee

** IMPORTANT: Do not email your submission! **

The select committee hearing this Bill have explicitly stated that they are refusing to accept email submissions unless you are a person who cannot post your submission or send it via their website.

If you are posting your submission:

You need to create a seperate cover sheet to go with your submission. This cover sheet needs to include:

– Your full name
– Your email address
– Your phone number
– Your street address

IMPORTANT: If you would like to make an oral submission on the Bill you also need to let them know on the cover sheet that you want to do this!

Send your cover sheet AND your submission in an envelope to:

Committee Secretariat
Abortion Legislation Committee
Parliament Buildings

If you are sending your submission via the Parliament website:

Click here to go to the Parliament website

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Tick the ‘I’m not a robot’ box
Click on the green ‘I am ready to make my submission button’

On the next page:

Click the ‘As an individual’ box
Click the ‘Yes’ button if you wish to make an oral submission as well

Enter your contact details (these will not be published online)

Click the ‘No’ button

Copy and paste your submission into the boxes that appear onscreen

(You can write a submission from scratch in this box, but we would recommend creating a seperate Word document on your computer first and then pasting that into these boxes. This way you will have a back up copy just in case there is a technical glitch and you have to start afresh, or your submission is somehow lost by the system.)

Click the green ‘Next’ button at the bottom right of the page

You will be given the opportunity to edit any of your details, or you can scroll down to the ‘Privacy Statement’ section.

Tick the ‘I confirm I have read Privacy Statement set out above’ box

Click the green ‘Submit’ button at the bottom right of the page


Read the summary ‘9 Major Faults in Labour’s Abortion Bill’ on Facebook here or on our website here

Click here to read and/or download Labour’s abortion Bill



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  • Malcolm Waddell 31 / 08 / 2019 Reply

    How long does the public get to make submissions to the Select Committee after the first vote passing?


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