Fighting Fund Appeal 2013

Dear Voice for Life Members and supporters,

The rubber hits the road for the pro-life movement in New Zealand.

Abortion up to birth, for whatever reason is now being promoted as a ‘priority policy’ by Young Labour in cohorts with Family Planning, Abortion Law Reform of NZ and the Women’s Health Action Trust.

2014 is election year and our adversaries are working to have the Abortion Law Reform Act of Victoria adopted as a coalition election policy by the Greens and Labour. Voice for Life as an incorporated society is able to engage in political advocacy and lobbying and I can assure you that is what we are doing.

We have to win hearts and minds.

Your past generosity has made it possible for us to consider ambitious projects. We would like to do much more, but everything depends on how much this Fighting Fund Appeal can raise. It is most certainly a Fighting Fund because we are battling with all our might to prevent decriminalisation of abortion up to birth. Yes, the annual abortion statistics are always grim, but they would be far worse if we didn’t exist.

Please be generous and equip us to defect this evil campaign for abortion up to birth.

Bernard Moran

National President


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