Expecting the unexpected – pregnant at 42

Unmarried and pregnant at age 42, despite using the coil for over 12 years. Disbelief and shock. What to do and what will the future hold? …

The doctor glanced up from the screen. “You seem shocked.”

I was. This should not be happening. For the past 10 years, I had used the same reliable method of contraception.

“I’m on the coil, Doctor.”

“Oh,” she said, “so it wasn’t planned?”
I am not the planning sort. Hours earlier, I had taken a pregnancy test to rule out the impossible and then, perched on the edge of my bath, watched flummoxed as two pink bars appeared in the plastic rectangular window of the tester. One bar would signify single status, two bars …

Immediately sobs broke forth, then I googled the words “coil, pregnancy, IUD and copper”. Within seconds, the following came up: miscarriage (high chance of), ectopic pregnancy (ditto), and 99.8 per cent effective (coil).

Added to the above is the fact that I am a 42-year-old single mother of a 12-year-old. I am no spring chicken. My fertility should be on the wane. Around me are friends desperate to conceive; IVF’d up to the eyeballs, contemplating all manner of 21st century technology just to get pregnant. The chances of this happening were one in a … my maths deserted me. Blue moon?

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