Doctors right to challenge Medical Council

The news that a group of New Zealand Doctors are to challenge the NZ Medical Council in court is the correct course of action.

As difficult as it seems, the actions taken by a group of Doctors to protect their right to offer a professional opinion with regard to a pregnant patient looks set to take them into court against the very body which ought to be offering them support.

The NZ Medical Council, in suggesting that any doctor who does not promote abortion to women who are uncertain about being pregnant fails to fulfil their obligation to a patient’s ‘entitlement to care and treatment’ does the profession and all women a grave disservice.

Abortion changes women forever and there is ample evidence, some of it conducted in New Zealand and hailed internationally, which clearly demonstrates a range of serious, long-term, negative impacts on otherwise healthy women. A doctor confronted by a healthy pregnant woman having grave doubts is bound to consider what is the real health issue – difficult circumstances or a health problem?

These situations can be complex and to expect a doctor to set aside their clinical assessment and professional judgement in favour of the socially accepted expectations held by some, is an injustice to all.

It will be interesting to see just how the Medical Council expects to credibly defend itself in this matter.

Post-abortion trauma is a reality

Abortion is a significant loss and can be a uniquely traumatic experience. Both before and after the abortion, feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, panic and pressure are common – not only for the woman who undergoes the abortion but also for the father of the unborn child, relatives, close friends and even medical personnel.

Symptoms include:
* Depression
* Flashbacks
* Loss of self esteem
* Nightmares
* Self blame
* Anger
* Emotional numbness
* Denial, guilt, shame
* Self destructive behaviour
* Violence in relationships
* Substance abuse
* Eating and sleeping disorder
* Spiritual desolation

Source: Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, Healing after Abortion, 2010
Mr Bernard Moran,
Communications Manager,
Voice For Life Inc

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