Deadly Compassion: Young Labour call for the decriminalisation of abortion in NZ

In a statement released on 9th May, 2013, Young Labour said that they intend to push for the decriminalisation of abortion “as a policy priority within the Labour Party, along with working with external groups to make abortion in NZ safer and more accessible.”

Decriminalisation means anything goes; abortion up to birth for whatever reason. The preborn baby, a little human person, is regarded as some sort of tumour to be removed.

I’ll explain how this all came about so that you can see the groups driving this agenda. Young Labour make it clear that they intend it to be Labour Party policy going into the 2014 elections and the same will go for the Greens.

The story begins in the Australian state of Victoria where a coalition of pro-abortion doctors, politicians, lawyers and feminists plotted and planned to decriminalise abortion up to birth. They were very clever in the way they planned their campaign, realising that the ordinary public would balk at the idea, so their Abortion Law Reform Bill was targeted at potentially sympathetic politicians and promoted as a woman’s “health” issue.

The strategy worked and in October 2008, the state parliament passed the Abortion Law Reform Act. Pro-abortion advocates in New Zealand saw the Act as their future strategy and established links with their Australian counterparts.

In May 2010, a strategic plan entitled the Road Map for Decriminalisation was published on behalf of the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ), the Women’s Health Action Trust and Family Planning. The campaign was launched with a media release on 28th September, 2012.

So when Young Labour talks about “working with external groups”, that’s who they mean.

They have been wooed and accepted the idea that decriminalisation will usher in complete freedom for women to control their own bodies.

They blithely believe this freedom will bring social happiness. Australian Anne Lastman who is speaking at our national conference in early September, had two abortions and is the author Redeeming Grief, about healing post-abortive women.

Based on her extensive experience in counselling, she maintains that every woman who has an abortion is affected to the core of her being. Many appear to successfully repress any grief, but the longer this is done, the worst the outcome in later life.

She writes that the knowledge that one has killed her own daughter or son, is literally “unbearable”, so terrible that it has to be forcefully repressed.

Young Labour is presumably unaware that the Ministry of Health has firmly resisted commissioning any such research despite two revealing studies from Otago Medical School.

Lastly, there is the irony that the Young Labour leaders and delegates were born to mothers who chose to continue their pregnancies. They are the lucky ones who dodged the abortion bullet, they so callously advocate for the vulnerable and innocent preborn others.

We are their voice, that is why we are called Voice for Life.


Article by Bernard Moran, Voice for Life national president

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