ACC claim mother: “I would have aborted”

A lead story in the NZ Herald (February 27th) entitled “ACC claim mother: I would have aborted” raises questions. The report begins: A woman who says she would have terminated her pregnancy had doctors properly diagnosed her unborn child with spina bifida is seeking ACC cover for her disabled daughter. In what her lawyer says 

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Testimony of a victim of pro-choice violence

“She was standing outside the Epsom Day clinic in Greenlane, by herself, holding a sign that said “Jesus loves you and your baby” or something like that. A car drives into the car park; a mother and her daughter get out. The mother is about 6 or 7 months pregnant. She is taking her daughter 

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Amazing Ultrasound Commercial from GE Co.

General Electric has produced the following commercial to advertise their latest 4d Ultrasound product. This remarkable ingenuity allows us to know peer into the womb, where human life begins and is nurtured.