Campaign of intimidation and criminal vandalism by anti free speech extremists against NZ pro-life groups will not succeed



Friday 15 November


Campaign of intimidation and criminal vandalism by anti free speech extremists against NZ pro-life groups will not succeed


Over the past week anti free speech extremists have engaged in acts of criminal violence against pro-life billboards around New Zealand.

Two billboards in Masterton were subjected to criminal vandalism last week, and this week a billboard has been torn down from the side of a building in Auckland in a criminal act that probably involved abseiling.

The Auckland billboard featured the message ‘Both lives matter, both deserve better than an extreme abortion law.’ The Masterton billboards said ‘Give your baby a future, love them both’ and ‘Give your baby a future, choose life.’

“These attacks on pro-life New Zealanders engaging in legitimate and peaceful acts of free speech are extremely concerning. They come just weeks after Terry Bellamak, the head of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ), tried to have another pro-life billboard in Wellington brought down by the NZ Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)” says Voice for Media spokesperson Kate Cormack.

That complaint was rejected by the Chair of the ASA, who strongly stated that: “political commentary within advertising was not only acceptable but encouraged, as it is an essential and desirable part of the functioning of a democratic society…in a free and democratic society, differences of political opinion should be openly debated without undue hindrance or interference from authorities…”

“As the most vocal pro-choice activist in this country, Terry Bellamak has considerable influence amongst abortion activists. We are calling on her and ALRANZ to publicly condemn these acts of criminal vandalism and to encourage the members of her movement to engage in peaceful and civil dialogue going foreword on this issue” says Kate Cormack.

“To the people who did this, our message is simple:

We love you, but we will never be silenced. It does not matter the extremes you resort to to try and shut us down, we will continue to peacefully tell the truth about abortion. We will never be intimidated into silence through acts of violence, criminal vandalism – or, if it ever came to it, even threats of imprisonment. We are the voice of the vulnerable voiceless. We will never stop telling the truth” says Kate Cormack.

These attacks has been referred to the police who are now investigating.




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