ALRANZ thinks stillbirth law should be changed for abortion


The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) have just publicised the submission they made on the Abortion Legislation Bill.

It makes for some truly frightening reading.

They strongly oppose any ban on sex-selective abortion, they want the state to maintain a list of medical professionals who are conscientious objectors, and they are in favour of late term abortions for disabled people.

The most abhorrent and alarming content is found in the section where they address the 20 week limit for abortion on-demand proposed by the Bill.

They start by advocating strongly for abortion on-demand right-up-to-birth:

“Imposing arbitrary limits on a pregnant person’s bodily autonomy, as the current bill does, demonstrates an unjustified lack of trust in their ability to exercise their own judgment.”

To suggest that an unborn human being should have no protections from being killed by an abortion right up to the moment of their birth is a truly extreme position that even most pro-choice people would reject.

Not ALRANZ though, they’re fully committed to a very extreme and inhumane abortion ideology.

How inhumane?

When discussing the proposed 20 week limit in the Abortion Legislation Bill they say:

“The Bill imposes the statutory test at 20 weeks, purportedly because the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 requires stillbirths to be registered if they occur after 20 weeks gestation.”

They then go on to say that (emphasis added):

“If the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 prevents families from taking the time to consider their options, then it should be amended to require registration of stillbirths later.”

Just consider how vile this position is.

ALRANZ don’t just want unrestricted abortion on-demand through all nine months of a pregnancy, they also want the law to be changed so that parents grieving a stillborn child before 20 weeks will have the legal recognition of their loss stripped away from them too.

This is the cold hearted ugliness of the pro abortion ideology – it will happily trample all over parents grieving the loss of an unborn child in order to get what it wants.

And just consider the totally incoherent nature of their inhumane position.

On the one hand they claim that the state should treat an unwanted unborn human being as being totally worthless in the eyes of the law through all nine months of pregnancy. Yet when it comes to wanted children, the law should recognise them as having worth from 28 weeks onwards.

All of this invites one extremely important question: if it’s okay to kill a human being who makes bodily demands of us just because they are unwanted and not yet born, why would it not also be okay to kill human beings outside a womb when they too make bodily demands of us?

This is the true and very frightening face of the ideology driving this abortion Bill.



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