A masterpiece in the womb

To be unique, you need to be one of a kind…unlike anything else.

But humans aren’t just unique. In fact, some would call us masterpieces.

After all, our DNA is created with unique – with our gender, hair colour, eye colour and height all determined at conception. Pretty hard to beat that, right?

Plus, throughout the nine months of pregnancy, we develop at incredible speed and intricacy. In trimester 1, the heart is beating (week 3), taste buds are developed (week 5), swallowing skills and more. In trimester 2, we can urinate, frown, develop a favourite sleeping position and recognise a mother’s voice. And by the time week 30 rolls around, there’s already a fat layer under the skin and well-formed eyelashes.

But we don’t just grow in the womb, we fit together like a puzzle.

A fascinating video from the BBC shows facial development of a pre-born child within the first three months.  The short clip strings together 3-D models of the developing child, based on scans taken in the first trimester.


Heading to Parachute?

This weekend, the Voice for Life team @ Parachute are talking about the masterpieces we are.

Most people know very little about early human development. But knowing that every person is unique from conception makes respect for life the seemingly obvious choice.

Find out more by swinging by the Voice for Life stall in the village. Don’t forget to check out the activities & competitions as well!

Looking for photos?

Parachute photos will be uploaded to our facebook page over the weekend.


Parachute 13′ Masterpiece Video

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