2011 Pick Me Wall @ Parachute

Parachute 2011Congratulations to Grace (pictured) and Clare Allen for winning the ‘Vocalists for Life’ 2011 at the Voice for Life stall @ Parachute, singing a song by Richard Dawson.

The Voice for Life stall at Parachute 2011 was flat tack throughout the weekend –  interactive games, biolife models, a singing competition, and many other activities going on each day.

One new activity was the ‘Pick Me Wall’, where visitors to the stall wrote down ideas to encourage others to think about the value of life.

  •  If my Dad & my Mum & Nana were aborted, I wouldn’t be here today. Look at it this way, if you don’t want your child someone else does! They’d love them for you. May take its toil, but its worth it ~ Rachael
  • There’s always someone there for you. You’re not alone! God cares for everyone, down to the unborn and un-thought of. xx
  • It affects everyone ~ Lydia
  • Voice for Life bracelets on my wrist. I will let people know what it means to ‘Pick Me’ because Jesus has picked us all.
  • Jesus Loves the Children
  • Heya! I’m going to carry info at home and praise God for the gift of life! God bless. xx ~ Chloe
  • Pick Me Wall at Parachute 2011Be the gracious Christ-like one – willing both to speak and to listen “In everything, choose life!”
  • Think positively. If you are happy for the life you are bringing to the world, people will be happy for you!
  • Humans aren’t born of their own will – so they shouldn’t die by it either ~ Chloe
  • Get talks started at school about pro-life. Do a presentation in assembly and get more people who are interested in making a difference
  • God knew you before you were in your mother’s womb! Your little “embryo” already has a heart and soul – a real, blessed gift from God who created you…[Mum] you are pretty awesome! ~ Caroline
  • Talk to and care for my elderly neighbour – to honour her life ~ Renee
  • Be on the Prolife Stall at Parachute ~ Daniel
  • Encourage friends and family to find other options rather than abortion ~ Starz
  • Take back knowledge and hopefully get a seminar at school ~ Anna
  • Take the models into your early childhood centre where you work
  • Tell all my friends that abortion is murder and murder is SIN
  • Give the baby a chance at life, like you were given a chance at life ~ Sonia
  • Jesus loves everyone, no matter how small
  • Enter a singing competition
  • Have someone come and talk to our Youth Group

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